Reservoir Cleaning

That won't blow your budget


With 40 million gallons of water not having to be wasted for cleaning purposes since our company’s start in 2013, we are proud to be part of the BC governments’ climate mandate.


Utilizing the latest ROV technology, no human entry into the confined space of a reservoir is needed, hence we can guarantee operator safety when performing a sediment removal.


Before this new ROV technology was available, divers had to be deployed into the reservoir. We are able to achieve tremendous savings in man-hours which can be passed on to clients.

Does your reservoir need cleaning?

If you haven’t had your reservoir cleaned in the last 2 years it most likely needs cleaning.

Watch our short video to see our ROV in action.


our Specialties


With our AquaSavaPlus technology we can remove the sediment off the floor of your reservoir without having to remove the water.

No Interruption of service

You can go about your regular day - no interruption of service to the homes or businesses your reservoir is serving water to.

No Confined Space Entry

As we employ the latest robotic equipment, no personnel needs to enter the reservoir.

Affordable Service

As we do not go inside the tank, no costly confined space entry protocols have to be enforced. Also no need to hire divers.


What Our Clients Say

A big thanks to Environmental Cistern Cleaning for a great job cleaning my cistern. I thought he cistern condition inside was terrible and he fixed it right up in no time. Prompt, professional, patient and helpful. Couldn't be served better. Thanks!
Kevan Heughan
Gabriola Island
Kaman was great. Prompt, friendly, and answered all my questions. Thank you for making the process easy! Michelle Sevigny, Gabriola Island www.michellesevigny.com facebook | youtube | new book
This is to say thank you for another excellent cistern cleaning this year. I love the fact that the cistern is cleaned without wasting any water, and that one thorough cleaning lasts a year. Keep up the good work.
Kyle & Tim Mulligan
Vancouver Island