We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the cistern and reservoir cleaning industry, established in 8 years of experience

public health requirements

Public water reservoir facilities have a health requirement to have them cleaned from time to time as requested by a governing body such as VIHA / Island Health etc.

Health Canada recommends annual cleaning of all water cisterns and reservoirs.

in business since 2013

Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning has been in business since 2013, specializing in cleaning all sizes of water storage tanks for  residential, commercial and institutional customers.

In 2019 we added reservoir cleaning to our mandate.

Our service area covers Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the lower mainland. For remote locations we also offer a fly-in/fly-out and boat-in/boat-out service.

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workers shoveling dirt

no Safety concerns

We utilize a custom built underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to effectively remove sediment from reservoirs – eliminating the need to employ personnel entering the reservoir.

No confined space entry

As the operator remains on the reservoir exterior, guiding the fibre optics controlled ROV via the video screen, there is no need for confined space entry.

This keeps the personnel safe and  saves the customer costs, as confined space entry into a reservoir calls for a minimum of three people and all safety protocols.

confined space entry
disinfection of equipment prior to operation

No contamination issues

As there is no confined space entry, there won’t be any possible contamination issues or worries, as no personnel will enter the reservoir.

All equipment that enters the reservoir is disinfected immediately prior to operation.

No interruption of service

No emptying of the reservoir means no interruption of service for water users.

For example, with no water back-up, all consumers who rely upon this reservoir would be without water while “off-line”.

This is specially important for fire fighters in local areas who may rely on the water of the reservoir to do their job.
fire fighter
ROV in action

Awareness of problems

With 2 onboard cameras and 2 x 1000 lumen lights not only do we see and guide the ROV to areas to be cleaned, but it also allows the operator to see anything unwarranted requiring maintenance, so management can be informed.

Everything is recorded on HD video for our customers to view at no extra cost after the cleaning is complete, which serves as proof of cleaning and gives our customers visuals to address any problems.

Environmental Consciousness

Our service offers the perfect opportunity to highlight how environmentally conscious cities are, by taking a leadership role in ensuring the most environmentally friendly and safe methods are used when water cisterns and reservoirs are cleaned.

putting the environment first

our latest projects


250,000 gallon reservoir in Holberg for Western Forest Products


Village of Alert Bay - 500,000 gallon reservoir


100,000 gallon reservoir for The Haven on Gabriola Island


1 Million Gallon reservoir for the City of Lake Cowichan